Public relations is not a quick fix

Public relations is not a quick fix to help you increase revenue for the month.  Good public relations doesn’t happen on its own; it takes a lot of skill, and consistent hard work, over a period.

What is public relations?

At Emlo Communications we define modern PR as the ethical business of helping a business grow its business through effective integration of the various marketing communication elements combined with relationship-building skills par excellence.

Unlike paid advertising that increases brand recognition, public relations results in media coverage that increases brand credibility.  When people read your story in the newspaper, or watch you on television, they are more likely to have a favourable opinion about your company.

Having a solid PR plan is the start of your company’s journey to success

Because public relations is not a quick fix it is important to spend time to lay a solid foundation by means of a PR plan.  At Emlo we call this the Marketing Impact Plan.  It is a 12-month integrated marketing strategy that will guide our team to help your business reach its goals and objectives.

How we draft your Marketing Impact Plan

At Emlo we believe that it is crucial to unpack your business with a SWOT analysis.  Knowing where your brand’s strengths and weaknesses are will greatly assist our team in developing the right messaging.  Identifying threats and opportunities will influence various elements of the PR plan.

Understanding your company’s business goals and objectives is also important.  It will help our team to not only develop the correct messaging and content, but also to identify the correct measurement metrics.

Getting to know your competitors is the next step in developing a Marketing Impact Plan for your brand.  Once you’ve identified your competitors our team conducts intensive research on their business.  This helps us determine further opportunities that will help your brand stand out.

Let’s assume you are in the business of education and training.  You might know that your customer is the HR manager, training manager, or training coordinator for medium-sized companies.  But do you know what magazines your customers read, what radio stations they listen to, and what television shows they watch?  Our team analyses your key costumers to ensure we develop a media list that includes all the correct titles to reach your target audience.

Armed with a SWOT analysis of your business, its goals and objectives, a list of your competitors, and an understanding of your target market our team develops key messages, measurement metrics, a media list, and a 12-month content plan in which we recommend, among others: personal profiling, business profiling, interviews, participation in feature stories in magazines, and which social media networks to use, each with a unique message targeted at helping you reach your business goals.

Now that you understand that public relations is not a quick fix to ‘advertise’ your business, brand, or services we hope you understand the importance of having a Marketing Impact Plan designed by our team.

For more information e-mail Marisa Louw or call her on 076 2111 607.

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