PR News: eM’s weekly comms round-up 27 Nov 16

What’s this week about?

In this week’s PR News update Emlo’s MD, Marisa Louw, takes a look at work-from-home statistics and the benefits it holds for both the employee and the organisation. The research-time she spent on this topic was significantly less than in the past because she used some secret search techniques that she decided to share with you (which makes these not-so-secret any longer). She highlights the importance of a good PR strategy, and came to realise that size matters!

Working from home makes you more productive

PR news13.4 million Americans work from home (United States Census Bureau, 2010); a 35% increase over in the last decade.  Research has shown that people who work from home are more productive, more efficient, and has lower stress levels and higher morale. Organisations with a work-from-home policy has lower employee turnover, decreased real estate costs, and greater employee engagement.  “PR pros with the proper drive and discipline can find that working remotely fits their lifestyle and enables them to thrive professionally,” writes Laura Rankin.  I could not find statistics on how many South Africans are working from home (it doesn’t seem like this is a criteria for Quarterly Employment Statistics by Stats SA, June 2016) but my experience tells me that very few organisations allow employees to work from home. At Emlo we have a flexible work-from-home policy because I have found that I get a lot more done when I work in my pajamas!

Google: your go-to adviser

Whether you work from home or are required to be seated behind your desk at 8 o’clock every morning, you will most likely find yourself having to do some kind of research every day of your life.  Google has become our go-to medical adviser, business coach, and DIY consultant. Bridget Side compiled a list of helpful ways to use a search engine.  READ MORE…

It’s all about the strategy

Drafting a PR strategy for your brand can be a challenge considering Millenials spend an average of six hours a day staring at their mobile devices.  Deirdre Breakenridge looks at how a well-rounded PR approach can increase your reach, and transform brand awareness to meaningful engagement.  READ MORE…

Size matters!

I’m an advocate for the ‘size does not matter’ debate.  But when it comes to social media I’m afraid size matters, even I have to admit that.  Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube each has optimal image sizes that, if you stick to those sizes that matters, your brand’s social media content will stand out.  This infographic shows all those sizes that matters (in the post the infographic is pixelated but if you scroll down the information is repeated at the end of the article).  READ MORE…

That’s it for today.  Wishing you a productive week!

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