PR News: eM’s weekly comms round-up 20 Nov 16

We are proud to announce the launch of PR News: a weekly feature in which Marisa (or ‘eM’ as most people know her) will be sharing some of the articles she came across during the week.  Who should be reading this?  PR students, PR professionals, communications practitioners, and of course brand managers and marketers.

What’s this week about?

Reading will improve your writing skills.  Reading about the industry you work in will also help you stay on top of the latest trends and developments.  To my colleagues: just because you write press releases all day every day does not mean you should not read how to improve your writing.  You may pitch news stories to journalists daily but do you know what drives them crazy about the PR industry?  To clients: you want your brand to be present on social media but are you really ready?  This week we are looking at some great reads from around the globe.

Are you ready for social media?

Dear client, if you are uncomfortable to have your employees participate in social media your organisation is most likely one that is unable to foster transparency and authenticity.  This is an attitude that will see your brand struggle on social media.  READ MORE …

I’m ready for social media but where do I find content?

Creating content from content that was created from other content is a content strategy that works for many content marketers.  As Gary Vaynerchuck says: “Hacking the mothership-content creates micro-content.”  READ MORE …

Got the content but what about SEO?

I deal with a fair share of SEO gurus who consult to my clients; some knowledgeable, others real wise-ass know-it-alls.  The latter are those with a technical understanding of algorithms and web crawlers, those who forget that the content we write are for customers, not a search engine.  READ MORE …

Forget the SEO; did you get your grammar right?

Because Afrikaans is my mother-tongue this is the part I’m always afraid of.  Did I get it right?  Most of the time I write with the Oxford dictionary open on my desk; some times I still get it wrong.  When I started compiling content for Emlo’s web site I read through archived articles and realised just how much my writing has improved over the past four years. Why? Because I spend at least three hours per day reading: early morning world-news; lunch-time industry research; and bed-time fairy tales.  If you want to improve your writing READ MORE …

Happy with the grammar but why is my pitch not working?

I bet you have taken a press release and did a copy-and-paste job of all media contacts off a media database of sorts for the distribution.  That is not pitching!  Sending irrelevant information to a journalist damages not only your reputation but that of your client too.  READ MORE …

That’s it for today.  Have an awesome week everyone!

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