PR News: eM’s weekly comms round-up 12 Dec 16

What’s this week about?

In her article Social Media Gurus: Mythical masters of the new media landscape Emlo’s MD Marisa discusses the fast-changing world of digital marketing.  For this week’s PR News she will be highlighting some great reads for social media managers.

Why social media management is much more than just posting

Many people think that social media simply involves posting content on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. However, as social media continues to grow and develop, it involves much more than that – especially if you want to see results.  “If you’re a Social Media Manager, or have been tasked with managing social media within your business, then there is a lot more you could be doing, aside from just posting,” says Elizabeth Harmon.  READ MORE …

3 often overlooked digital marketing truths

Andrew Hutchinson says that the digital marketing landscape moves quickly, so fast that it’s hard for anyone to keep up.  He reveals some other digital marketing truths to keep in mind as you go about your social and digital marketing process.  READ MORE …

Holidays operating hours

That’s it for today, and for the year.  Emlo will be operational between Christmas and New Year to ensure our clients’ social media profiles remain active.  This means our office hours will be from 08:00 to 10:00 only, from 23 December to 3 January.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Our wish for you is that the happiness of December reach you and your family, and that this Christmas will be the merriest and brightest one yet.

Merry Christmas

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