The Emlo Monthly Marketing Epitome Issue #0218

monthly marketing epitome newsletter 0218

Our monthly marketing newsletter summarises some of the most-read posts from our Facebook Page.  Today we are looking at tools to make your marketing job easier, mobile marketing, and long-form content.


The Virtual Toolbox


The modern marketer has a myriad of virtual tools to choose from.  Our favourites are:


  • Buffer – making social media scheduling and reporting so easy!
  • Grammarly – never make a grammar mistake again, ever…
  • Power Thesaurus – enhance your writing with hundreds of synonyms and acronyms.
  • SEO Quake – easy SEO analysis for your own website and those of your competitors.
  • Google Page Speed – analyses the performance of your website.
  • Website Grader – analyses overall health of your website.
  • Canva – for beautiful creative work without any graphic design experience.


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Mobile Marketing


64.5% of the world’s population owns a mobile phone. To ignore the mobile phone as a marketing tool could be a big oversight by brands. So what could you do as a brand to maximise mobile marketing?


  • Include mobile videos in your strategy
  • Make sure your website is mobile friendly (use Website Grader to check – a free and easy tool)
  • Retain an active presence on social media
  • Embrace virtual reality


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Long-form Content


What is long-form content? It is a blog article that has more than 2,000 words. This type of content typically performs better in terms of SEO and social shares.


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