What makes for a successful thought leader?

Douglas Kruger, a South African motivation speaker, revealed the recipe for a successful thought leader during a radio interview on SAfm with Ashraf Garda recently: an individual with knowledge + experience + publicity.

I believe you have the knowledge and experience, but do you have the publicity element that makes for a successful thought leader?

Why is being a thought leader important? It

  • gives your business a competitive advantage through differentiation;
  • reinforces your business’ brand;
  • boosts sales;
  • increases profitability;
  • leads to improvements and innovation, ultimately increasing the value received by customers;
  • provides personal satisfaction;
  • could recession-proof your career; and
  • contributes to increased company value and growth.

Emlo Communications has a proven track record of positioning business people as thought leaders through our skills in publicity.

Join our stable of clients before 1 November 2017 and get a FREE 12-month content strategy (valued at R17,250) that includes a SWOT analysis, detailed target audience analysis, an outline of key media titles, the development of key messages to communicate to your target audience, and a basic 12-month content concept.

What are the outcomes you can expect from us in terms of positioning you as a thought leader?

  • One thought leadership article per month, published in a relevant publication or online platform (don’t worry – we write it for you because we know how busy you are!);
  • A minimum of one broadcast interview per quarter (radio or television);
  • Continuous monitoring for speaking opportunities at industry events; and
  • Spreading the word using our team’s personal influential social media networks.

At a monthly retainer fee of R6,575, our clients get an average ROI of more than 80% over a 12-month period.

So if you were waiting for the perfect time to make your voice and that of your business heard, the time is NOW! Simply download and sign this quotation, and return it to us before 31 October.

I hope to hear from you right away.

Here’s to success, value, and growth.


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